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Round Robin part 2B...

Parts 1A-1D and 2A... And now, on with the show...

The creature that emerged from the ruins of the explosion was pissed off. Very pissed off. Here She was, enjoying a few thousand years' hiberation beneath whatever civilsation had come along after her catnap began, and then something loud and hot and bothersome had woken Her up.

The dragon -- for that was certainly what She was -- lifted Herself out of the rubble and onto the street. She was certainly not amused -- definitely not from Her rude awakening, and certainly not from the sight before Her. The world before her. What in all the seven flames had happened to Her world?

Typical. A Divine Being decides to take a short nap and now look -- the world goes to pot in their absence. Damnit all to hells.

Movement distracted her from her worries. There, in the narrow gap between buildings, hid two shadowy figures. From the sounds of things they were trying very hard to have an argument and be quiet at the same time.

For a moment the dragon indulged in the whimsy that they were humans -- what else would explain their odd, stupid behaviour? But, rather than judge the creature by the smell, as it were, She decided to take a closer look.

The dragon stuck Her thin, tapered muzzle into the alley and took a deep breath.

Okay, so it's 218 words. I got excited :p
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