Aluta Corinthiaca Sumptuosa (dragonblink) wrote in themodelchamber,
Aluta Corinthiaca Sumptuosa

Round robin-type majig part 1I

Linky linky to parts 1A-1H, newly renumbered since I skanked up the numbering. :)

Hyar be part 1I:

"I can't just leave him here," she said nervously, gesturing at Blaine, still motionless on the ground.

"Then take him with you," the gunslinger said, turning away.

Jessica stepped forward. "Nuh--" She stopped as she found herself staring down the barrel of a pistol. "--Uhhhhh look, man, d'you have any idea how much that bastard weighs?"

He looked back at her, the raising of an eyebrow creasing his weathered forehead.

"Not nearly as much as you think he does," he said.
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