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An exercise

Hey all, I had an idea I wanted to run by you.

I was wondering if, in the interest of flexing our creative muscles, you would be interested in writing a round-robin story together? What I propose is something like this:

Each part must be something like no more than 200 words (after all, this is an excercise in creativity, not typing or plot development). The object would be to actively try to stump the next writer, and leave them with a hard place to pick things up. Then the next writer has to find a way to conintue the story and stump the next writer, and on and on until we decide the story has come to an end.

This may produce an oddly disjointed story when it's completed, but then again, it may be a hilarious masterpiece. Who knows? :)

But I've done this sort of thing a few times before (although never actively really trying to stump the next writer) and it's always been a blast. Would anyone else be interested? And if so, do you think we should come up with a set writing order for the participants to know who-goes-when, or should we all just respond in the comments whenever we have an idea for the next part? The first is much more strict, but the latter could lead to chaos in two people tying replies to the same part of the story which could cause much confusion. I'm up for either, just let me know which you'd like to do... if you want to participate, that is.

And I hope that you all do. :)
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