Aluta Corinthiaca Sumptuosa (dragonblink) wrote in themodelchamber,
Aluta Corinthiaca Sumptuosa

Round Robin part ... 2A? Am I right?

Part 1 A-D

"Hey ... hey, come on, wake up ..."

"Wstfglmuthafug." I peeled my face painfully off the ground.

"Oh, thank God. Look, we should get out of here." Blaine grabbed my arm with those eerily cold fingers of his and hauled me to my feet.

"Had a ... a dream, like," I muttered, wiping dirt and small pebbles off my forehead. My nose felt like it was bleeding, and my elbows burned where I'd scraped them when the explosion knocked me down.

"Riiight, right," he said, steering me away from the smoldering ruins. "Look, there'll be no end of trouble if I'm found around here, come on."

"People ... arguing ... did you ever feel like someone else was directing your life?"

He pulled my face toward him with his free hand and peered at me. "What is it you people get when you're concussed?" he asked. "Different colored pupils or something?"

"Different sized." I batted his hand away. "I'm not hallucinating, Blaine, it was just a dream."

"Right." He glanced behind us as if he heard something, then leapt for the shelter of a narrow alleyway, jerking me behind him.
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umm... i guess 2a is fine. or 1e would have worked to. either or. whatever. :)

ah, the undoing of the undoing. what fun. :)
Heh ... [geek] Dodge 7! Five successes! [/geek]
That sounds like it's from some RPG or something, but I guess I'm not a true geek enough to know which one. :/
The White Wolf RPGs actually. Despite my massive geekitude I have played very little D&D, but I used to do a lot of White Wolf, especially Vampire: The Masquerade.

Of course, your average mortal can't have a Dodge score of higher than 5, but as someone whose favorite character is almost six hundred years old and almost rules-rapingly powerful (but oh so conflicted and fun to play), I don't really donate a rodent's posterior. :)
Ahh. not being very into the whole vampire-thing myself, I never played any of the white wolf games.

But D&D I am an afficianado of. :)